Coco Crushed Chips Bales


Coco Crushed materials are irregular shaped pieces, crushed from the coconut husk. These crushed materials are available in different sizes, depending on the application. The chips can be used as an individual growing medium or can be mixed with other Coco / Coir materials such as Coco Peat , Coir fiber & Coco chips to formulate a mix. These crushed materials have the ability to improve the air porosity in the medium & control water retention.


Coconut husk crushed into 03 different crushed sizes
Material Coco Crushed - Washed / Semi – pressed
Chips Size Small / Medium / Large

Size of : 30 x 30 x 15 cm (+/- 2 cm)
Bale Weight of 4.5 kg (+/- 100 gms)
19 MT per 1 x 40 HC Container on 20 Pallets

In individually wrapped 10 kg bales (Bale Size : 30 x 30 x 33 cm). 1920 bales on 20 pallets – 19.20 Mt per 1 x 40 Hq container Or Naked (Unwrapped) bales on 20 pallets & pallet covered in stretch film 1.1 Mt per pallet & 22 Mt per 40 Hq container

Crushed are also available Can also pack in 33 x 44 x 80cm bales if required
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