Coco Agro Grow Blocks

In our quest to continuous development, to supply a user friendly & versatile growing medium, we have achieved yet another milestone in launching the “Coco Agro Grow Blocks”, a much anticipated product by growers around the world.

This product made out of stable & sterilized 100% Coco materials come to you with a number of features that are unique in application.

  • A specially blended mix of Coco materials is selected as the input substance to these blocks with desired expansion qualities once hydrated with water / fertilizer solution.
  • This handpicked ultra clean Coco material is conducive even to the most sensitive root formations in seedlings /small plants with desired water holding capacity.
  • A 100% E-friendly & Bio degradable material is used as the input Coco material for the block with homogenous distribution.
  • The outer netting sleeve is made of a specially designed material to keep the Coco material intact within, without spillage, assisting you for better housekeeping within the greenhouse.
  • The netting sleeve allows aeration & root penetration & also has the ability to drain excess water trough the layer.
  • The outer sleeve acts as guard against evaporation of moisture within the saturated material & thereby making it easier to manage the watering.
  • The outer sleeve too is made from a 100% bio degradable material & can be matched to withstand the life cycle of your crop.
  • Minimum shrinkage levels with guaranteed re- saturation.
  • A well balanced chemical composition in the Coco material assists the young plant to grow & healthy develop making it easy to formulate a fertilizing plan.
  • The ultimate user friendly & versatile growing solutions for hydroponic or greenhouse cultivation.
  • The block is easy to handle & can be easily stacked giving a logistical advantage.
  • Available in 02 sizes depending on your requirement.
  • Upon your request we  can  prepare  the  seedling holeon the Grow Block with a diameter of 25 mm or 30 mm.

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