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Coco Gerbera Disks

Coco Gerbera Disks has become a highly sorted for product by Gerbera Growers in USA, Canada, Mexico & in Europe due to it’s  user-friendly & reliable nature. The applications of Coco Gerbera Disks over several growing seasons by professional growers have confirmed the positive aspects of the product. The popularity gained over the years has created a positive demand for the product, making the product to have a lucrative future.

We offer 03 types of Gerbera Disks :

  • 4 G Disk ( 4 liter volume )
  • 5 G Disk ( 5 liter volume )
  • 6 G Disk ( 6 liter volume )

These 03 types of Gerbera Disks are available in 04 varieties

  • “Standard” Gerbera Disk - Washed material
  • “Superior” Gerbera Disk -  Washed material
  • “Standard” Gerbera Disk - Buffered material
  • “Superior” Gerbera Disk - Buffered material

Standard Coco Gerbera Disk :

The Standard Coco Gerbera Disk is designed to hold a little extra level of water & is ideal for growing in warmer climatic conditions where the water evaporation ratio is higher.

Superior Coco Gerbera Disk :

The Superior Coco Gerbera Disk is designed to hold less water & have more air porosity. These Superior disks are mixes with bigger coarser Coco Chips & less peat to improve the aeration & to minimize the retained water.

Items Standard Coco Gerbera Disk Superior Coco Gerbera Disk
Water Retantion 70% 60%
Air Porosity 30% 40%


Application Tips:

Coco Gerbera Disks are designed to be a conducive growing media for Gerbera plant pots.

Coco Gerbera Disks contains coarse Coco materials. The material is a mixture of Coco Crush, Chips, Peat & fiber to the match the rooting structure, air porosity & the water retention capability.

Gerbera plants consist of sensitive rooting structure. The plant requires high levels of air porosity & less water holding capacity. High levels of water retention in the media can even cause mutilation of roots.

The media should not be compact as the compact media holds less air porosity. If the media is too compact gerbera roots tends to draw towards the surface of the pot with out reaching the bottom layers of the pot without distributing evenly, making the plant unstable.


Preparation of the Media for planting:

Before planting the Gerbera Disk should be placed in the pot / container & hydrated & flushed continuously for 24 hours with a solution of water & Calcium Nitrate. (Not applicable for Buffered Disks)

Do not press & compact the media into the pot / container.

When initially watering use the drips & do not use a water hose as it will change the structure of the media & also will consume high levels of water

To optimize the nutrients available to the plant, flush the media with hydroponics fertilizer mix, 2 to 3 times prior to planting

Make frequent laboratory analyses of the nutrient drain solution to ensure plants are receiving optimum nutrition levels



When planting the Gerbera plant in the prepared pot containing the hydrated Gerbera Disk, it is important to plant the new plant on the surface of the media without planting deep. If planted deep in the media the newly formed leaves might get damaged as light is blocked as the bottom parts of the leaves submerged by the media.

Make sure that the Pot / container you choose for planting has adequate drain holes for excess water to flow out.

Depending on the prevailing temperature & humidity level in the growing area, adjust the water input to the Gerbera plant. The daily water input to the plant depends on water consumed by the plant (transpiration) + evaporation from the media + drainage volume. The climatic conditions too play a vital role in the watering process.

Excess levels of watering will drain away the nutrients & the fine particles in the media.

Advantages of using Coco Gerbera Disks

  • An organic medium made of 100% natural products extracted from the Coconut husk.
  • Stable renewable substance slow in decomposing.
  • Saves labour & time reducing the grower’s expenditure
  • Favorable chemical & physical structure ideal for Gerbera plants
  • Easy to transport & handle in its compact form
  • Good absorption & drainage of excess water.

“User Friendly Growing Solutions From Coco Agro”

These guidelines & usage instructions are submitted to educate the end user and is submitted strictly on an as it is basis without any particular reference to your growing application. It is very important to understand that these guidelines & usage instructions may differ to your growing application, crop & greenhouse conditions. This information should not be treated as any warranty condition, as Coco Agro (Pvt) Ltd, shall not be held responsible for any damages or lost due to any data compiled herein.

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